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The pioneer and world leader in studio workflow automation, SpinMe has innovation and excellence at its heart.

Our software has revolutionised the efficiency of imaging workflow processes to deliver consistently perfect product images.

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Online shoppers want rich media

'Pre-purchase confidence is proven to increase customer satisfaction and reduce returns.' David Brint, SpinMe CEO

*FREE Online Masterclass* Selfridges, Home Depot, AO: how the leading brands are revolutionising their digital content creation

Thursday, 27th April, 4pm (BST)


Discover how leading brands, such as Selfridges, Home Depot, AO, Macy's and Schuh, are using SpinMe studio software to capture, process and deliver outstanding digital content. 

With ecommerce now accounting for 51% of purchases, every retailer wants to stand out online- but how do you efficiently create and deliver consistent digital content to drive traffic and conversions? 

Join us if you want to: 
1. See your image capture outputs skyrocket
2. Drive studio efficiency by automating your workflow process
3. Deliver brand consistent imagery every time 

In SpinMe’s next 25-minute free masterclass, Kane Turley, Client Services Manager at SpinMe, will guide you through our three-step process for automated omnichannel content delivery. With real-life case studies from SpinMe’s clients around the world, you’ll explore the key steps to building a smooth and effective digital content workflow. 


Automating the Studio Workflow

Efficiently create high quality product images that capture the rich detail of your products.


Connecting the Studio to your Site

Build a seamless transition to ensure your content gets to your merchandising team and online as quickly as possible.


Drive Engagement and Conversion on Site

Build immersive spin set viewers to demonstrate every angle and detail of your products online.

Capture. Process. Deliver.

The complete end-to-end workflow solution for online image creation.

Whatever your sector, SpinMe helps take control of your production processes from image capture through to file management and export.

What can I do with SpinMe software?

SpinMe Studio Enterprise Logo

Studio Enterprise

  • Scalable image capture
  • Robot and multi-camera controls
  • Image adjustments and cropping
SpinMe Studio Enterprise Flex Logo

Studio Enterprise Flex

  • Companion to Enterprise
  • Advanced workflow and image delivery
  • Image adjustments and cropping
SpinMe Studio Lite Logo

Studio Lite

  • 360 spin image capture, edit, output
  • Robot and camera control
  • Web-ready and high-res image output
SpinMe Studio Academy Logo

Studio Academy

  • Entry level spin image capture and editing
  • Web-ready and high-res image output

Product photography must be 100% consistent if you want your customers to trust you. If they trust you, they’ll buy from you.

Online fashion merchandising goes beyond the product, it's about the overall user experience.

In the high volume world of fast fashion, streamlining your imaging process holds the key to getting your products to your customers as quickly as possible. With consistent, high quality images, you can look forward to reduced return rates as well as an increase in the number of products captured per shoot.

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Your success depends on the efficiency of your workflow and the quality of your images.

SpinMe gives clients in the fast-paced consumer retail sector the freedom to focus on great image production. Our flexible workflow allows you to capture, manage and showcase high volumes of product images on your website in the shortest time possible without compromising on quality.

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Rich visual media allows customers to understand complex products when shopping online.

When making high value purchases online, customers have come to expect interactive spin, zoom and pan features to help them inspect even the finest technical details. This is where our 360 image capture capabilities combine with PhotoRobot's specialist hardware to give your customers all the visual information they need.

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Beyond the studio software and hardware you’ll find knowledgeable teams, a helpful community, innovative clients like you and an overall passion for great images.

Here are the people that make it all happen

John Warner, Founder and Director of R&D
David Brint, CEO
Paul Beddis, Technical Director
Ian Yeates, Business Development Manager
Amber Davie
Scot Warner, Head of Technical Research
Kane Turley, Technical Support and Training Manager
Luke, Training and Technical Executive
Margaret Cooper, Finance Manager
Samantha Holder, Accounts Assistant
Sean Smiles, Photographer
Edward Taylor, Photographer
Sydney Tarrant, Photographer
Adam Wray, Developer
Martin Cowley, Software Developer
Liam Rushton, Technical Support

About SpinMe

Our success is down our dedicated team, who refine our cutting-edge technology and deliver first class support to our clients.

Our team

If you’re bright, enthusiastic and keen to help our clients manage their workflows and create amazing images, we’d love to hear from you.


Who we work with

Some of the fantastic clients using our solutions include Selfridges, Halfords, Wiggle, Gameworkshop, Tesco and many more.


Together with our partners Snap36, 360 Crew and PhotoRobot we have developed the perfect studio configuration to deliver a seamless photographic imagery service for ecommerce websites.