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How Furniture Village rolled out SpinMe technology on its new website to improve customer experience and studio workflow

When Furniture Village decided to relaunch its website as part of a £1 million investment to enrich its digital and instore experience, a priority was to add an extra dimension to online product views with 360 spin photography.

Today's consumers want rich media online as standard, and ultimately to have the ability to take control of a single image and view it from every possible angle - even if it is an unwieldy bed or sofa.

Furniture Village approached SpinMe and we created a bespoke carousel turntable with a five metre platform to shoot large pieces of furniture. As a result, shoppers are able to see close up detail of products the same way they can instore.

“Customers have come to expect video and 360 views of products online, and our new website offers a better shopping experience. Many of our products have extra features such as reclining chairs and extendable leaves in dining tables. In order to show these benefits we needed a solution that allows us to add an extra element to online viewing. SpinMe’s software stitches shots together to create multi-dimensional flawless images.”

Charlie Harrison, Director of Marketing at Furniture Village.

The retailer plans to provide 360 degree views across all products.

“Pre-purchase confidence increases customer satisfaction and reduces returns. Furniture Village has also benefited from creating efficiencies around the studio workflow process - being able to shoot more products and get them in front of customers more quickly.”

David Brint, CEO of SpinMe.

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