How Halfords uses green screen technology on Boardman clothing range to achieve a superior depth of product imagery

Displaying items in a sophisticated way reduces returns and increases buyer satisfaction, and sportswear is no exception. When Halfords launched a new range of Boardman cycling clothing to complement its existing award-winning Boardman bike range, it wanted the products to appear online in a similar way to top fashion brands.

The bike and car accessories retailer partnered with SpinMe to shoot the cycling fashion line and create high quality interactive images with green screen automation. Halfords’ investment in spin technology - where browsers take control of an image and view a product from every angle - has seen a 37% year on year growth in the number of spins viewed on its retail websites by customers at the end of its financial year in 2015.

Green screen technology offers Halfords greater merchandising versatility, allowing it to display products in situ, and achieve a superior depth of product image where customers can view granular detail such as zips, fastenings and stitch work normally only visible instore.


“The phenomenal increase in our customers using 360 spin highlights the need for quality imagery options that are as advanced and detailed as possible. Although it’s clearly a cycling brand, we want people to view the new Boardman range as a fashionable performance range. We’re displaying images of the products akin to fashion retailers such as Topshop, Uniqlo or H&M. Our aim is for customers to feel good in what they are wearing, while knowing it’s beneficial to their cycling performance.”

Ben Towers, former Digital Studio Manager at Halfords.

The clothing range is a new addition to the exclusive Boardman collection at Halfords, which also features the award-winning Boardman bike range.

The cycle clothing line appears alongside all other products, inspiring shoppers to ‘complete the look.’

“Green screen technology is a unique way of enhancing intricate fashion details and styling online. Halfords understands that displaying items in a sophisticated way reduces returns and increases buyer satisfaction. We are experiencing an extremely competitive time in the market where retailers will succeed by addressing these areas and creating a truly interactive shopping experience.”

David Brint, CEO of SpinMe.

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