Vente Privee

How Vente-privee reduced return rates to 5% with automated studio management technology

Flash sales pioneer Vente-privee is one of the world's largest fashion retailers, with a €1.7 billion turnover. Its site receives three million unique users per month and one of its biggest challenges is ensuring customer confidence to prevent unnecessary returns.

The retailer partnered with SpinMe to roll out a new studio workflow management system across 15 studios to improve the efficiency of its operation, and consistency and quality of product photography.

Vente-privee is using SpinMe's 360 spin technology to display products in a way that allows customers to ‘pick up’ and view items as they would in-store.

“We’ve seen first-hand the benefits of using SpinMe, and how the company is changing imaging techniques, studio automation and workflow management for the retail industry. Due to excellent imagery we have a 5% return rate across our range of products, compared to the online industry average of 30%.”

Ilan Benhaim, co-founder of Vente-privee.

Vente-privee has 30 million European customers.

Vente-privee’s new system means the photographic process is automated, essentially creating a high quality image ‘production line’.

“We were previously using photographers for our online imaging needs. Taking photos of products in this way was a laborious process and the photographer’s position and camera angle could result in irregular quality images. SpinMe’s technology gives consistent, high-quality product images.”

Ilan Benhaim, co-founder of Vente-privee.

“We work closely with Vente-privee on bespoke features to enable it to shoot its sizeable product catalogue more efficiently, allowing a much faster output of images.”

David Brint, CEO at SpinMe.

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