How Wiggle used 360 spin imagery to boost sales

After seeing a significant uplift in sales of items featuring our 360 spin imaging technology, online sports retailer Wiggle decided to roll the technique out across its entire range of cycling, swimming and running products.

Wiggle conducted A/B tests over three months using 360 spin on different product ranges. These were measured against categories with static zoom and alternative image options only. Interactive imagery enabled consumers to purchase with more confidence, and this was reflected in the results.

Wiggle has tens of thousands of product lines and originally used 360 spin imaging across bikes, running and cycling shoes and wheels. It’s now used on its most popular lines, including running and cycling clothing, cycling helmets, sunglasses and bike components.

Wiggle sells online in 70 countries, so benefits extend to the studio workflow process too.

“We introduced 360 spin photography to enhance user experience on the site and the business case for it is strong - we’ve seen a healthy increase in sales. The good thing about the product images we create is that they are internationally understandable. They don’t need to be localised for each website"

Thomas Dibley, former Cycle Marketing Manager at Wiggle.


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