Rich visual media allows customers to understand complex, technical products online.

Clients as diverse as Hitachi, Bosch, Microsoft and Siemens use SpinMe’s 360 and 3D photography.

This gives their customers the visual information they need to make high value purchase decisions.

Interactive zoom and pan features allow their customers to pick out the finest technical detail and gain an understanding of the most complex product.

As a result, SpinMe's 360 degree and 3D spin product images are guaranteed to boost sales and reduce returns as they provide the details that increase shopper confidence.

Show me some examples

Our customers tend to be informed professionals - relevant rich media like good pictures with 360-degree views is something they have come to expect from a modern webshop. We chose SpinMe because its software is both customisable and powerful, so our photography workflow will be very efficient.

Jan Kroeni, design and video specialist at Distrelec.


Why choose a SpinMe studio setup?

Imaging production in the automative and industrial sector


Specialist Equipment

Vehicles and large industrial products need specialist studio equipment and studio space


Product Detail

Image quality must be high, but for products such as screws and fittings, product detail is most important


Variable Workflow

Highly flexible workflow adapts to different processes and equipment according to product type


High Volume

Some clients have particularly high product volumes for items such as screws, bolts and fittings


Colour Quality

For clients in the car industry, colour quality is of prime importance to help users make purchase decisions


Image Output

Images are typically delivered in jpeg format to the client's ecommerce or B2B site

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