Evolving shopping behaviours are transforming ecommerce in the consumer goods industry.

Combined with a customised studio workspace, SpinMe's automated workflow will help you speed up the time it takes to showcase your products online with rich interactive imagery.

Using SpinMe's file management tools to organise their assets, clients such as Furniture Village, Argos and Studio Williams are free to concentrate on producing consistent quality images ready for the web.

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SpinMe Studio is an outstanding program. There's no way to accomplish our goals without it. I'm very happy with the whole package.

Lena Murad, Manager-Vendor Compliance, Home Depot

Why choose a SpinMe studio setup?

Imaging production in the consumer goods sector


Product Detail

Electrical or high value products often require more technical detail to be shown in a spin animation


Specialist Equipment

Heavy, large products such as sofas and white goods need specialist equipment and studio space


Product Challenges

Studio can be configured with specialist hardware to minimise reflections in glassy or metallic objects


Variable Workflow

A highly flexible workflow is essential to adapt to the different processes required for various product types


Colour Quality

For soft furnishings and homeware, colour quality is of prime importance to help users make purchase decisions


Image Output

Images are typically delivered in jpeg format to the client's ecommerce website or social media platform

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