SpinMe’s integration with exclusive range of hardware solutions is key to creating consistent product imagery within superfast timeframes.

High-volume studios with optimal outputs

It only takes one inconsistent image to ruin a product page


3x output increase

Used in conjunction with SpinMe’s workflow software, PhotoRobot customers have seen their outputs increase threefold


50% cost reduction

Integration with PhotoRobot’s hardware allows resources to be used more efficiently, reducing photography costs by 50%


99% accuracy

PhotoRobot’s modular studio solutions help to efficiently capture consistent product images with an accuracy of over 99%

Increase productivity, save time, reduce costs

Our software includes full integration with PhotoRobot equipment, allowing our customers to photograph any type of product imaginable. Whether you’re using the hardware to capture a series of stills or set up a 360° or 3D photo-shoot, you’re guaranteed to see your imaging productivity levels soar.

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