Typically used for shooting rare, expensive or easily damaged goods, this still-photo centreless table has a unique, portable design. Perfect for freelance photographers, it’s ideal for capturing products that can’t be transported.

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All the advantages of the Centreless Table are still here, but in unique portable design. It is easy to unpack and a portable, economic solution that is ideal for those looking to shoot precious or perishable good that need to be photographed at a client’s location. A unique lighting system with 850 mm diameter transparent plate and diffusion background, lights the object from back and bottom. Laser system for finding the table’s center of rotation. The encoder reads the absolute position of the plate and ensures maximum precision of plate rotation.


Transparent 850mm Plate and Bottom&Back Light Background - An amazing special background for backlight photography, the Reflective Part “catches” the light from the lower light source, directing it under the Transparent Plate. The Light-Dispersing Part distributes the light from the back light source for an evenly lighted background, without affecting foreground lighting.

Integrated Laser - Integrated laser used to find the centre of rotation.

Foldable Legs - When unpacked the legs unfold and give the case maximum stability.

Compact Dimensions - Complete set packed in 980mm x 960mm x 340mm case. 

  • Transparent 85cm plate
  • Integrated laser
  • Weight: 62kg
  • Height: 34cm
  • Diameter: 98cm

Used for

Shooting precious or perishable goods off-site.

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