Centreless Table

Photorobot’s flagship device, the Centreless Table creates a perfectly white background with no shadows or reflections. The Cube easily attaches to the top to shoot products suspended in the air.

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The  Centreless Table  is produced in both standard (85 cm plate) and wide versions (130 cm plate). It brings the best optical outputs from all robotic machines, as it is possible to light the object from below,  extremely productive for example when shooting large volumes of glassware or bottles.

Easy attachment of a cube  in the “upside down position” for photography of suspended objects. In this configuration both robots can work in synchronized mode. Furthermore, with the addition of  arm  or  vario  it is possible to photograph objects from the top view at different angles of the vertical plane.


Transparent Plate - A unique system of adjustable plate supports. For smaller and lighter objects, you can easily push the supports aside so that they are not on your pictures. Supports work also as a safety measure when changing the plate.

Bottom&Black Light Background - An amazing special background for backlight photography, the Reflective Part "catches" the light from the lower light source, directing it under the Transparent Plate of the Centreless Table. The Light-Dispersing Part distributes the light from the back light source for an evenly lighted background, without affecting foreground lighting.

Castors / Legs - You can switch between braked castors for easy handling and pull-out feet for stable position and levelled set up, keeping it rock solid or on the roll.

Centering Lasers - A set of industrial lasers indicating the turntable’s centre of rotation helps you position the photographed object precisely and quickly without any permanent marks and measures.


Hedgehog Flash Holder Set -4 Paws- No more tripods for flash lights, stealing space and blocking your entrance to the Table. All the power cables for flash lights are overhead! This set converts your Table Kit photo-workstation into a mobile version. Centreless Table Kit with flash lights (2 for object, 2 for background lighting) is your smart solution.

  • Payload: 40kg
  • Weight: 215kg
  • Height: 2.1m
  • Width: 1.4m
  • Length: 1.1m

Used for

Shooting items such as wines & spirits,  crystal jewellery, glossy, porcelain or white products.

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