Highly versatile, the Cube may be used in conjunction with tables, platforms, other cubes or alone. It can even be attached to a table to shoot products suspended in the air.

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The Cube is a universal device which works as turntable or overhead unit for suspended objects. Rotation can be synchronized with other turning units. Variable accessories for reflective items, fashion shooting and other photographic needs.


Cube can be used in two different modes.

In Turntable Mode (acting as a mini turntable), it allows for photography of small to middle-sized objects of approximately 60 – 65 cm maximal dimension. For this mode, Cube V5 is equipped with a 95 cm diameter Horizontal Background Plate, one side white, one side black. The Turntable Mode also works well free standing on the floor for fashion photographing of mannequins, and even live people!  In conjunction with the Tent Table Kit the Cube can be used for photographing of reflective items.

In Suspension Mode, the Cube can also be used as an overhead unit for the hanging of large objects and its movement synchronises perfectly with the other turntable units. Cube V5 can be shouldered with 2 – 8 hanging bars which makes it possible to suspend even very complex objects very easily.

  • Payload: 130kg
  • Weight: 10kg
  • Height: 17cm
  • Width: 25cm
  • Length: 19cm

Used for

Clothes on live models or PVC mannequins to shoes, jewellery, chandeliers etc…

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