Turning Platform

Designed for larger products, Turning Platform’s heavy-duty construction can support a load of up to 1.5 tonnes. As various optional accessories can be added, it’s highly adaptable with multiple photoshoot uses.

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Constructed to support a load of up to 1500 Kg. We produce a twin-engine design of Turning Platform; you can choose either maximum speed or maximum torque (rotational force) depending on what you need to photograph (fashion items or a jacuzzi full of water for example). Ideal for taking pictures of machines, baby carriages, furniture, fashion on mannequins or even live models. Variable uses according to the various optional accessories that can be added.


Mushroom Table - With the Mushroom (+ black or white Plate of 100 cm diameter), the Turning Platform is converted into a simple turntable.  A weighty turntable – with a capacity of 300 kg (balanced load).

Centering Lasers - Set of industrial lasers indicating turntable’s centre of rotation helps you position the photographed object precisely and quickly without any permanent marks and measures.

100 cm Diameter Plate - A Space saving solution for shooting live models, available as optional accessory.

Available in RotoPower Version - Turning Platform RotoPower has AC power supply in rotating part, that means a device (washing machine etc.) can be shot while powered.

Exchangeable Click-System for Mannequins - Mannequins are available in skin tone or transparent. Adjusting a dress on the mannequin always takes more time than the photographing. So, while one is being photographed several others can be prepared in the meantime. This speeds up the workflow substantially. When each mannequin has its own centering pin pre-mounted on its leg, the mannequins can be exchanged in a matter of seconds. Adjust a dress, click it on and you are ready for shooting! Also, when a PVC mannequin is fixed on one leg only, it is possible to photograph even underwear and trousers.

  • Payload: 1,496 KG
  • Weight: 74.8 KG
  • Width: 100 CM (with mushroom), 180 CM or 280 CM

Used for

Shooting larger products such as motorcycles, domestic appliances and machinery, clothing & fashion, floor lamps, furniture and luggage, sporting goods, machinery, refrigerators, freezers, lawnmowers, baby carriages, baby bouncers & jumpers, musical instruments, sculptures and many many more..

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