Robotic Arm

The Robotic Arm is an automated mechanical boom which enables ‘up and over’ 3D or multi-row spin photography when combined with either the Table or the Platform.

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One of PhotoRobot robotic machines allows you to take pictures alongside the horizontal axis to add top view to your spins. The Robotic Arm can be added to almost any of our 360 degree photography robots (Robotic Turntable Kit, Centreless Table, Turning Platform, Cube).  Using the Robotic Arm, you can get pictures of the object from all views and every angle you wish.


Adds Top Views to 360° - Creates 3D as the most sophisticated photorealistic presentation of products.
"Landscape" as well as "Portrait" - You have the option of taking picture in both camera position. The choice depends on the type of object displayed and type of spin photography to be taken.
Any Camera is Suitable - The Robotic Arm is suitable for any camera model with a tripod mount (up to 6 kg).

Laser Positioning - Industrial lasers indicating the Turntable’s centre of rotation help to position the photographed object precisely and quickly without any permanent marks and measures. The Laser for the Arm sets the Arm at the centre of rotation.
Hydraulically Adjustable Height - A simple hand lever mechanism allows you to set up various heights for photographing different objects.
Movability - The Arm is easy to relocate using castors, fixing a new position on the feet with a hand lever.
Two Shanks Included - The standard is used in combination with tables and the long shank is used with the Turning Platformm according to object size and camera distance from the object. Shanks maximum length is 135 or 310 cm.

  • Payload: 5.9kg
  • Weight: 92kg
  • Height: 90cm
  • Width: 92cm
  • Length: 90cm

Used for

Essential for shooting 3D or multi-row spin photography. Electronics & mobile phones, shoes and handbags, watches, (crystal) jewellery and perfumes , porcelain & white objects, glassware, kitchenware, floor lamps and furniture, tools & lawnmowers, musical instruments, motorbikes, sporting goods, toys & baby carriages

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