Essentially a treadmill, the Walkway allows a human model to walk in place while the entire platform rotates 360°. It’s a simple, but innovative solution ideally suited to fashion retailers.

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Combining the Turning Platform Roto Power and Walking Belt, you get Robotic Catwalk. The model is walking on the belt as the itself platform is turning. The resulting video look as though the camera is flying around the walking model. A professional look of fashion show with simple equipment on a cozy area of 5 x 7 m including your proper studio light! Cheaper and more effective than any other solution. With the belt turned off, it is also suitable for shooting 360°photography.

  • Payload: 181kg
  • Weight: 116kg
  • Height: 46cm
  • Diameter: 280cm

Used for

Showing how clothing fits and moves on a live model, videos easily simulation fashion shows, 360° photos of live people in general.

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