SpinMe Modular Software Workflow

Different roles require different tools. Workflow is no different. Use only the modules you need.

Each SpinMe module plays an important role in the efficiency of your digital asset workflow. Speak to one of our workflow specialists to find out which modules can benefit you today!

SpinMe Core

SpinMe's core module tracks your data and images providing quick and efficient access to all users

Required by all users- but is also a fantastic stand alone module for those only requiring an overview of operations to ensure productivity is high throughout the process 


Capture provides the ability to import both external and internal imagery and assets in a more automated manner using Capture One, Lightroom or a tethered camera- resulting in quicker asset management

Camera controls, including live view, test shots and pre-sets ensures a smooth and efficient studio and for photographers to shoot more  products to the same high standards 



 Automation is an extension to, and enhances, the Image Capture module with additional controls for robotics, such as 360

With lighting controls, multiple camera tethering and hardware integration options, automation increases image capture capabilities and efficiency  


Image Export provides the ability to export imagery in a wide variety of formats including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PSD and many more without having to manually adjust and rename 

Effortlessly export imagery, and meta data, to  designated end points such as an FTP server or DAM saving more time and eliminating human error

Tracking & Scanning

Scan a product’s barcode for automatic status changes - visible to all SpinMe Studio users for up to date visibility of product location and work progress

This module includes both barcode creation, printing and the ability to record a product's weight and measurements   

Data Transfer Service

Integrate your internal applications including PIM and stock management systems. Includes automatic data validation and workflow rules

Optionally send notification emails to users upon processing of a batch of product data in a particular data feed

Image Transfer Service

Process large quantities of imagery and data and deliver them into SpinMe Studio, or to other systems such as DAM or rich media hosting platforms

Automatically import external imagery and retouched images back into your workflow to ensure one centralised location to enable quick access for teams 

Web Tools - Reporting

Reporting provides users with the ability to generate various report dashboards containing metrics generated from other modules

Track how long products remain between statuses and examine your workflow performance to find bottlenecks and exceptions

Web Tools - Approval 2019

The approval module will enable users, both remote or internal, to approve or reject images and add comments

Once products are approved or rejected, SpinMe will automatically update; products will move to the appropriate status and include approvers’ comments

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